Papers & Dissertations

 L.C. Addison – First Prepared in Our Hearts

 L.C. Addison – The Lost Word

 J. Kenneth Allsen – Grand Oration 2001

 Duane E. Anderson – Ceremonial Explanation of the Entered Apprentice Degree

 Duane E. Anderson – Freemasonry Honors the Builder

 Duane E. Anderson – Grand Oration 1997 – The Value of Freemasonry

 Duane E. Anderson – Welcome – 142nd Annual Communication

 Ronnie Bell – The M.U.L.E. and Freemasonry

 William R. Callister – 2010 Grand Oration –  Beautiful Women

 Mark A. Campbell – 2007 Constitution PowerPoint Presentation

 Mark A. Campbell Charles Duncan Gilfillan paper

 Mark A. Campbell Volume of Sacred Law paper

 Mark A. Campbell Audie Murphy Biography & Bibliography

 Mark A. Campbell Audie Murphy PowerPoint Presentation

 Mark A. Campbell – Cataract Lodge Welcome

 Mark A. Campbell – Grand Oration 2002

 Mark A. Campbell – Grand Oration 2006

 Mark A. Campbell – Public Service

 Shawn Carrick – Freemasonry – Not a Socail Service Organization

 Tofique Fatehi – Many Volumes of Sacred Law

 Tofique Fatehi – Ritual in Urdu

 John A Freeburg – Italian Lodge P2 in Review.pdf

 Albert E. N. Gray – The Common Demominator of Success

 Edward R. Halpaus – A Point Within a Circle

 Edward R. Halpaus – Ceremonial Explanation of the Fellowcraft Degree

 Edward R. Halpaus – A Mason’s Wounds

 Edward R. Halpaus – Flag Folding Ceremony

 Edward R. Halpaus – Minnesota Lodges in Dakota Territory

 Edward R. Halpaus – Fraunces Tavern and General Washington

 Edward R. Halpaus – George Washington’s Mother

 Edward R. Halpaus – General Howe’s Dog

 Edward R. Halpaus – Standing Resolution on Washington’s Birthday

 Edward R. Halpaus – Presidential Inaugurations and Bible Passages

 Edward R. Halpaus – Washington and Lee

 Edward R. Halpaus – George Washington and Ben Franklin and the St. John’s Bible

 Edward R. Halpaus – Research Lodges and Websites at November 2006

 Edward R. Halpaus – Rods and Columns

 Edward R. Halpaus – George Washington Talk

 Edward R. Halpaus – George Washington – Another Talk

 Edward R. Halpaus – Seven Liberal Arts

 Edward R. Halpaus – Shibboleth

 Edward R. Halpaus – What is a Grand Lodge

 Edward R. Halpaus – Benefits of Membership

 Edward R. Halpaus – On Being a Lodge Education Officer

 Edward R. Halpaus – Right Angles, Horizontals & Perpendiculars

 Edward R. Halpaus – Grand Lodge Education Officer’s Speaker’s Bureau

 Edward R. Halpaus – Who Am I

 Jon A. Hanson – Grand Oration 2007

 Austin Harris – A Masonic Quest

 J. Arthur Hughes – Grand Oration 1953

 Jerry Johnson – Grand Oration 2005

 Stephen A. Johnson- Grand Oration 2008

 Steven D. Johnson – Grand Oration 2011

 Steven D. Johnson – Grand Oration 2012

 Rodney M. Larson – 9 Short Essays

 Rodney M. Larson – Making a Lodge Meeting Interesting

 Stuart A. Lindman – Grand Oration 1973

 Albert G. Mackey – Reading Masons & Masons Who Do Not Read

 Philip F. McNairy – Meditation On Light 1975

 Philip F. McNairy Grand Oration 1959 – Masonry’s 20th Century Mission

 Thomas F. McPatten – Oregon Grand Master’s Address 1874

 George H. Miller, Jr.  – Grand Oration 2000

 S. Brent Morris – The Eye in the Pyramid

 Neil E. Neddermeyer – The Lesson of the Two Columns

 David Nystuen – Cornerstones Laid in Minnesota

 Ed Perlman Oration at the Jackson County Govenrment Building – April 21, 2012

 Robert D. Pogue – Grand Oration – GL Japan 1989

 Donald W. Schmidt – Grand Oration 1964

 Dale Seubert – Grand Oration 2009

 Barnes A. Sharitt – Ancients & Moderns

 Bruce L. Sherman – What is Charity?

 Brother Red Skelton’s Pledge of Allegiance

 James R. Smail – Grand Oration 2004

 M. Wiley Smith – Grand Oration 2005

 James Stevenson – What’s in a Name

 Terry L. Tilton – Religion & Masonry

 George Washington – Letter to Martha June 1775

 George Washington – Thanksgiving Proclamation

 John Worlein – Fraternal Filler December 2005

 John Worlein – Fraternal Filler January 2006

 John Worlein – Fraternal Filler March 2006

 John Worlein – Fraternal Filler April 2006

 John Worlein – The Round Table Without A Table

 Leon Zeldis – Masonic Blue

 A 1931 Short Talk Bulletin – The Three Scripture Readings

 An Entered Apprentice Extra Credit Proficiency

 An Entered Apprentice Handbook

 A Fellowcraft Extra Credit Proficiency

 A Fellowcraft Handbook

 More Light for a Fellowcraft

 A Master Mason Extra Credit Proficiency

 A Master Mason Handbook

 Blue Forget Me Not Legend

 Books for Any Mason’s Library

 Books for the New Mason

 History of the York Grand Lodge of Mexico

 Internal and External Qualifications

 Masonic Enrichment Book – Entered Apprentice Degree – EA Degree Quiz Answers

 Masonic Enrichment Book – Entered Apprentice Degree – EA Degree Quiz Questions

 Masonic Enrichment Book – Entered Apprentice Degree – Tenets

 Masonic Enrichment Book – Entered Apprentice Degree – Virtues

 Masonic Enrichment Book – A Paper Defining Masonry

 Masonic Enrichment Book – Fellowcraft Degree

 Masonic Enrichment Book – Fellowcraft Degree Quiz Answers

 Masonic Enrichment Book – Fellowcraft Degree Quiz Answers

 Masonic Enrichment Book – Fellowcraft Degree Quiz Questions

 Masonic Enrichment Book – Introduction – Overview of the Degrees

 Masonic Enrichment Book – Introduction – Three Scripture Readings

 Masonic Enrichment Book – Introduction – What a New Mason Should Know

 Masonic Enrichment Book – Introduction and Welcome

 Masonic Enrichment Book – Master Mason Degree

 Masonic Enrichment Book – Master Mason Degree Quiz Questions

 Masonic Enrichment Book – Symbolism of the Bosch Painting (cover)

 Masonic Enrichment Book – Things That Are Helpful to Know

 Masonic Enrichment Book – Entered Apprentice Degree

 Masonic Memorial Service Request form

 Mentor Program of the Grand Lodge of California 2004

 Quest Book #1

 Quest Book #2

 Quest Book #3

 Quest Book #4

 Quest Book #5

 Quest Book #6

 Regius Poem